Ask and You Shall Receive

Wow. On my list of 8's yesterday, I said some wild and crazy things about sleep, reading, and movies. You know, stuff that never happens.

Well, today was a red-letter day. Z actually followed my instructions and did not come in my room to wake me up this morning! And Q's monitor got turned off by a blip in the electricity, so he didn't wake me up either. Ironically, I woke up at about the usual time wondering where the heck Z was.

Then, the kids became totally engrossed in Diego and Wonder Pets in the other room and let me watch an entire episode of Ugly Betty. Uninterrupted! Okay, almost. I still had to refill cereal bowls and juice cups, but still!

After the kids went down for their naps, my mom-in-law came over (she's here for the Mother's Day Muffins with Mom at Z's school). In her usual fabulous way she said, "If there is anything you want or need to do, go! I'll keep the kids." I. love. this. woman. So I went and got a pedicure. You know, the kind with the massage-y chair. Mmmmmm.... massage. I got to sit and not talk (well, not fuss or correct) while reading trashy tabloid magazines for a whole HOUR. Laaaa! (That was the angels singing.)

When I got home, Mom-in-law took us out to dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant where I had... wait for it... guacamole! And I didn't have to cook dinner! Or do the dishes!

Finally, she shoo-ed me off while she bathed and put the kids to bed so I got to go see a movie. In the theater! And there weren't any gun shots, space ships, or car chases! A chick flick all the way. I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which I thought was hilarious in a non-thought-provoking, fluffy sort of way.

So that makes five, count them!, five things off my list of favorite things. A lovely day.


  1. Oh how great I am happy for you. and a bit envious in a I am printing this out as we speak and hanging it on my fridge with Hint, Hint written on it in black sharpy for my husband to see kinda way. :)

  2. I bet it was nice looking at ALL that MAtthew McConaughhey chest! That man is so sexy! Glad you had fun!

  3. Hooray for a Mom's much deserved day!!! And woohooo on the guacamole, love that stuff


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