Well, I think it is safe to say that the drought is over. We had rain today. Again. The golf course up the road is turning into one giant water hazard. The drainage ditches along my street actually had white water in them today. The piers on several fishing ponds we pass on the way to Z's school are under water. The whole of my yard is a mushy quagmire of quicksand-like mud that will suck off your shoes or strand your car.

All of this is to say that we were trapped inside today. Again. The cabin fever is really beginning to show on all of us. Z and Q are fighting over every. little. thing. Mostly over me. Q came and got me from my office so he could sit in my lap. In the split second before my rear made contact with the chair, Z was pushing Q out of the way so she could sit in it. I told her it was Q's turn and that she could sit in my lap when he got down, which she did. Then when she got down and Q tried to get up, there was pushing and crying all over again.

We played several rounds of this lovely game (while I was on the phone with Sister K) until in the final round, Q bit the snot out of Z's arm. Z was bawling. Q got a swat, so he was bawling. I hustled off the phone and felt like bawling, too.

I hustled everyone off to bed in the midst of plaintive cries of each for the other. Now that they each had a moment of undivided attention, all they wanted was their sibling to share it with. I cannot express how ready I am to go to the ranch this weekend. Now there are some words I never thought I'd utter.


  1. When days are like this they just feel endless, don't they? I can feel your frustration in your words. I've totally been there! It will get better, the sun will come out and everybody will run and play again soon.

  2. Sounds like some of the stuff my kid brother and I pulled.


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