Creative Bloggers Showcase: Creature of Craft

I recently joined a cool (very) new web community called Creative Bloggers. Basically it is a place for a bunch of cool creative-types to (cyber) hang out together. Each week I am going to feature a different blogger and show off some of their creative endeavors!

This week's featured blogger: Creature of Craft

Self-labeled chronic crafter Jenny Mackintosh is the person behind Creature of Craft. Jenny says, "While my main sickness is beaded jewelry, I’m often afflicted with illnesses involving
knitting needles, glue guns, origami, and styrofoam balls." Jenny blogs about not only her own crafting pursuits, but also of other crafters on the web. Her work is gorgeous and available at her Etsy Shop, J. Mack Gems.

I particularly liked these two bracelets:

Go check her out!


  1. What a nice idea. I'll have to keep an eye on that site and see what else she comes up with.

  2. Haha, I love your comments post -- "I am a comment junkie. Thank you for feeding my habit." I feel the same way...

    Thanks for the feature and for including photos of my bracelets -- the lefthand one is actually something I recently designed. You should see it in my shop very soon in a few different colorschemes, as it's fun to work up and I think it looks really nice and rich on the wrist. The other one -- definitely my favorite. Bead crochet is such a fun thing to do once you pick up the technique. It's portable -- goes in the car and on the train with me!

    Thanks again,


I am a comment junkie.
Thank you for feeding my habit.