Happy Memorial Day!

For the fifth year in a row, we have kicked off the summer with a Memorial Day pool party. This year we had 9 swimmers and five parents. Days like today (almost) make the hassle of the pool worth it. As all cooking-with-fire implements had been moved to New Town, the party started after lunch at 1:00. We had watermelon and popsicles and lots of lemonade. The kids had a blast and the parents got to visit. Perfect. I think I even managed to keep everyone from getting sun burned! Huzzah! The last of the guests left around 5:30. When I got up to make dinner, this is what I found when I called them in to eat.


  1. gotta love love kids after they have spent time swimming :) we went to the pool here as well!!!

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  3. Awww, they look tuckered out! Glad you had a fun weekend! I didn't get to spend any time at the pool; I spent all day indoors for my hubby's nana's 90th birthday party at her assisted living home. Can't wait til our pool is open!

  4. You completely tired them out. That is the sign of a successful event.

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  5. We spent our day at the pool too! Must be a Texan thing!


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