I Really Should Have Taken the Antibiotics

So you would think after I finally caved and took the damn crow antibiotics that I would be getting better, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Apparently my little germies weren't through with me yet.

I started trying to hack up a lung, which would have been fine, but I was left with a constant ache in my lung right under my right shoulder blade. It felt like I had an ember smoldering in there. Deep breaths were rather painful. Well, it seems to me that breathing isn't supposed to hurt. And the last time it did, I had pneumonia. This just gets better and better!

So I call my nurse practitioner and leave a message. And wait for her to call back. And wait. And wait. Finally I call back and her assistant tells me she has called in two more prescriptions for me: Prednisone and a cough syrup with Codeine. She didn't tell me what she thought was wrong, but Dr. Dad-in-law said the treatment was the same for pneumonia or any of several lesser lung ailments. Since I didn't have a raging fever, it probably wasn't pneumonia. Well, at least there is that.

So in my one righteous moment of 'No, thanks. I prefer to avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.' it has become necessary to take not only the antibiotics, but an anti-fungal, a steroid, and a narcotic. Nice.

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