I'm Back! Refreshed and Relaxed!

Okay, 'refreshed and relaxed' might be overstating the case a little, but I am back in blog-land. I spent a much needed weekend at the ranch with the hubs. Laaaaa! (That was the angels singing. A month between visits is way too long!)

And there was sunshine! I knew I was longing for some sun, but I didn't realize how much of a mole-girl I had become in the land of never-ending-rain that is Small Town in the spring. Just walking out into the full blast of west Texas sunshine had my eyes squinting and watering like I'd just taken in a snootful of pepper spray! Lucky for you, I kept my fish belly white very fair skin covered up or the reflection might have caused a solar flare. If we could harness that energy, we could solve the energy crisis!

The hubs and I had a FULL DAY date! Okay, there was a gun show involved, but in exchange, I got to pick the movie, the restaurant, and visit The Mother Ship (Target). The gun show wasn't a total wash: lots of vendors bring their tiny little dogs and don't mind strangers fawning all over them. So while the hubs was preparing for Armageddon buying reloading supplies, I was happily occupied with Chihuahuas, and Yorkies, and Griffons! Oh, my!

After the show, we went to an uberfancy restaurant for lunch. They bill themselves as "Fine Texas Dining" and they didn't lie. There was an overage of mounted trophies on the wall (read: the heads of big, dead, large-horned animals), but otherwise it was really nice. The tables were made of hammered copper and there was a gorgeous white stone floor-to-ceiling fireplace. We had the kind of service where you take a sip of your tea and the waiter comes over to refill it. But not in an annoying kind of way. The food was awesome and very reasonably priced. I am guessing the dinner menu would have made me catch my breath, but the lunch prices weren't bad at all.

Next, we headed to a movie. I got to pick, so it was tempting to drag T to a total chick-flick in retribution for all of the Star-Lord-of-the-X-Men-Terminating-Chase-Scene movies to which I have been subjected. But as it happened, I had seen the only available chick-flick and was totally jonesing for some sci-fi action. Star Trek was awesome.

We finished out our day with a little wishful shopping at Lowe's. The new house has a PINK toilet, sink and tub in the master bath, so that is probably the first room we will remodel. After our old house sells. And we pay down the mortgage. Some day. I saw a vanity that I thought was cool and wanted T's input. Unfortunately, this Lowe's didn't have the vanity in question, but we did resolve a few other design dilemmas. I will totally bore you with that post about that as soon as it happens!

All in all, it was a great weekend, but over much too quickly. Happily, T will be coming to Small Town next weekend for Z's recital. I can't wait!


  1. Ohhh yay for you Rae Ann! So glad you had a great time with your hubby! xx

  2. Aint that always the way? Just when you wanna inflict the Y-Chromosome in the family with a good chick-flick it ALWAYS turns out that it's one you either have seen OR have no interest in!


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