I'm Not Smart.

About 50 miles away from the ranch my cell phone rings. I figure it is T telling me he is on his way to New Town. But no. It was T telling me that I had managed to leave my purse and the diaper bag at the ranch, and advising me no to let Q have any blowouts on the way home. No wallet = no driver's license, no money, no credit cards.

Well. My blond roots are showing.

Luckily for me, my mom-in-law stepped in with a little loan to keep me in gas and groceries until T gets to Small Town on Friday. Yay! Another small act of stupidity that I will never. live. down.*

* In my defense, I didn't take my purse and the diaper bag out of the car. I leave those things there so I don't forget them. Some other helpful someone did the removing.


  1. I have one of those same kinds of helpful people living at my house! I leave my bag/cellphone/keys somewhere pobvious where I am likely to see it before I exit the building, and HE, (Mr Security) takes it and HIDES it from BURGLARS on top of some cupboard or under a chair where I am NEVER going to find it (without teloling me of course)!! There have been numerous phone calls demanding to know the whereabouts of my SAFELY HIDDEN essential items so I can actually leave the house!

  2. Dont'cha just ~LOVE~ peeps like that? Worse yet are the ones that put things where they were told NOT to and then wonder WHY they cant find said items.


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