It's a Good Thing She's Pretty

It is good that Z is cute, because a dancing prodigy she is not. Z had her big rehearsal for the upcoming recital this afternoon. A four-year-old dance recital? My expectations were low. And she lived up (down?) to every one of them. I'm not going to say that she was the worst in her class, but she certainly wasn't best!

Every stereotype you can think of about very little girls on the stage? Are stereotypes for a reason. Staring up at the stage lights when the music starts? Check. Appearance of dancing to an entirely different set of choreography from the rest of the group? Check. Bending down to mess with shoe in the middle of the routine? Check. Panning head wildly to see what move everyone else is doing? Check. Being so adorable in her little leotard and tutu that I could eat her up and go into a sugar coma? Nom, nom, CHECK.

I just hope she is having as much fun as I am!


  1. LOL! My daughter looks a little scary when she dances... She's doesn't get it from me. I'm still hoping she'll grow out of it in time. :-)

  2. Awww she sounds adorable. You should post a pic of her in her tutu!! :-)

    And I must say it's really refreshing to see a mom say "you know, I love my kid, but she's not the best!"

    Parents that think their child's perfect & the BEST at EVERYTHING, even when they are far from it really irk me! LOL

  3. Believe me, Jessica, I will be posting a TON of pix after the actual recital! The costume? Too cute for words!


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