Learning Curve

Here's what I learned on my first adventure as a 'coupon-er':
  • If you go late in the week, all that is left of the super deals (read "free") is empty shelf space.
  • Shallow shopping carts are the devil.
  • I am going to need to allot a lot more time for grocery shopping.
  • I am a spaz with my giant notebook o' coupons.
  • Sales fliers lie.
  • The stockers at Kroger are very friendly.
  • If your toddler is cute enough, blue-haired old ladies don't glare at you even if your pirate-int-training whacks their shopping cart with his sword.
  • Despite missing out on several great deals, I saved $22.05! (See my new coupon savings tally in my left sidebar. I will be updating it each time I buy groceries!)


  1. Do you do the CVS and Walgreens deals? You can get a lot of free stuff with the coupons and ECB's and Register Rewards. I lost my coupon binder on Memorial Day. We got home from the lake and our camper burned to the ground. I lost my laptop, camera, coupons, and everything else I had in there. No insurance either-so we lost a lot in it. Always something!!


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