Super Blog!

As ever, I am slow to post the awards I have been given. But not because I don't LOVE them! Rather because I have two little people crawling all over me who distract me from my good intentions!
Staci from Playing House was kind enough to pass the Super Blog award on to me. Thanks, Staci! You should go check her out. Her blog reads like a conversation you would have with a friend over coffe. Love!
Now here's what you have to do: Tape the "Super Blogger" award up on your blog somewhere; pass it along to 5 fellow super bloggers; comment on their blog to let them know how lucky they are today; and link back to the super blogger who gave it to you.
Today's Super Bloggers are (drumroll, please): Sue from Stay at Home Mom; T. from My Personal Cafe; Amber S. from Four Guys and a Girl; Vanessa from A Military Wife's Mayhem!; and Vhiel from Can of Thoughts! Congratulations Super Bloggers!
Thanks again, Staci! You made my day!


  1. SURPRISE! You have another award on my blog!
    Please post your award on your blog as well. And keep writing...You are so funny!

  2. What a cute award! Im so far behind...there are 5 piled up still needing posting (one being yours...*sigh*)

  3. You have an award on my blog too! You must be dying. Please don't feel obligated to accept yet another award. Sooo time consuming. If you get to it great. I feel happy for you, but bad that it all came at the same time. You must be simply great!

  4. Congrats on your award! There are quite a few floating around out there at the moment, so I totally get why it's hard to find time to post (especially when some link up to 15 or more whew). Have a great weekend!


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