Z's Dancing Debut

Z had her recital this weekend. As the center of attention, she was completely in her element! She was very excited about getting her hair and make-up done, even if she was a little leery of the curling iron. This was her first experience with crunchy-hairspray-hair. She couldn't stop touching it. By the time she got on stage, the center of her bangs were pretty much flat to her head. As for the make-up, I am completely blown away with the fact that it was even possible for her to get even more gorgeous with the judicious application of eye shadow, liner, mascara and a little pink lip stick. Wow. We are really going to have to worry in about ten years!

Z completely stole the show. With her great dancing skills, you ask? Nope. She stole the show by not dancing at all. She was the youngest one in the whole production. And it showed. She stood on stage petting her little fringe skirt and trying to squint through the lights to find us in the audience. It was hilarious. Everyone was laughing at her in a good natured way.

The second time she came on stage was for her ballet routine. She was every bit as cute that
time, even if she did actually dance. Well, 'dance' might be a bit of a stretch, but she moved around and looked vaguely ballerina-like. Someday, when T and I actually live in the same house again, I will post a (brief) video of her performance. I actually haven't seen it yet. I can't wait!

In keeping with Casa Critical Mass tradition, we had no fewer than five cameras trained on our little dancer at an
y one time. Her father was able to attend, as were his parents and my sister and bro-in-law. Z was so thrilled to see them all.
Sister L/Aunt L may have even managed to eclipse her excitement about T's visit. There was a big let down after everyone went home, which I guess is understandable. My heart broke (again) this evening at bed time when she looked up at me and said, "I want my daddy." Me, too, little ballerina. Me, too.


  1. OH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I used to go to 2 nieces recitals... cutest thing ever!

  2. She is just too cute! Love her dance costume!

  3. She looks adorable! Sound like she had fun too!

  4. Holy Moses she IS TOO CUTE! By the way I would touch the bejesus outta that shirt too!

  5. How sweet! I miss those sweet recital days!


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